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Equipment & Supplies

Specializing in Theatrical and Architectural Lighting Control and Relay Systems, Theatrical Power Distribution, Theatrical Rigging Systems, and Theatrical Supplies, Equipment, and Products.

Lighting Equipment Sales

Heartland Scenic can supply a full range of dimming, control, fixtures, and accessories to meet your lighting needs. We collaborate with your staff to discover your specific requirements to meet your short-term goals while also looking to the future expected requirements of the system and your unique space.

  • Dimming and Control - ETC, Johnson Systems, Leprecon/CAE, Acuity
  • Relay Systems and Control - ETC, Johnson Systems, Lyntec, Acuity
  • Theatrical Lighting Fixtures - ETC, Altman, Chauvet, Elation, Blizzard, ChromaQ, Ayrton
  • Follow Spots - Lycian, Canto, Altman, Strong, Robert Juliat
  • Studio Lighting Fixtures - ETC, Altman, Primetime, DeSisti, Mole Richardson, ARRI
  • Moving Lights - ETC/High End Systems, Ayrton, Elation, Chauvet, SGM, martin, Blizzard
  • Architectural Fixtures - ETC, Canto
  • Accessories - Rosco Labs, Apollo, The Light Source, City Theatrical

Theatrical Supplies and Equipment Sales

Heartland is a supplier of major and minor brands of Theatrical Equipment. Products supplied range from fixtures, hardware, paint, lamps, consoles, tapes, and accessories. All tailored to meet your needs and budget.

Factory Authorized Service

Heartland has experienced service technicians to assist you when you are having trouble with your equipment. Our technicians are factory certified on most brands of equipment with a thorough eye for problem solving. We are here to assist you with your Lighting, Sound or Rigging issues.

Lighting Design and Specifications

Our sales staff can assist with specifying and designing systems for both new and remodeled venues. They can provide written specifications and project drawings to coordinate work with Architects and Engineers, as necessary. Every venue is different, so we are always happy to meet with you at the site to discuss options to best meet your needs.

Rigging System Design

Our Sales staff can assist you with proposals and documentation for new systems or for systems requiring upgrades or repairs. We can provide written specifications and project drawings for Architects and Engineers or for your theater, specialty application, place of worship, or school.

Rigging Safety Inspections

Inspectors are ETCP (Entertainment Technician Certification Program) Riggers, and all inspections adhere to the guidelines presented in current industry standard ANSI E1.47. Every inspection includes a detailed report of system deficiencies as well as suggested upgrades or adjustments to make the system work best for your needs. As USITT members, we encourage the use of the Rigging Safety Initiative, the following link will provide additional information,

Rigging Equipment Installation

All installations are supervised by an ETCP Rigger to ensure all work meets required industry standards. We work with a variety of equipment manufacturers to find the equipment that fits your needs the best. Some of the areas we specialize include manual counterweight (single and double purchase), motorized, dead hung rigging, stage drapery and tracks, chain hoists and controls, tension grids, pit fillers, and fall protection systems. Every venue requires something different, and we will work with you to find the best fit.

Audio System Sales and Support

Heartland partners with various audio suppliers to assist in providing and installing sound systems to meet your facility’s needs. We can assist in system layout and installation, audio equipment and accessories.

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