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About us

Heartland Scenic Studio, Inc was founded as a theatrical lighting, scenic design, and fabrication company in 1983. Over the past several decades, Heartland Scenic has established an exceptional reputation in fabricating high-quality, cost-effective museum exhibits, we are consistently dependable in delivering projects on time and on budget. read more...

Our Core Values


People you want to work with

We are both professional and interpersonal. We are skilled, team oriented, adaptable, creative, with a strong work ethic. We want to inspire and motivate others to active greatness, We encourage people to do their best, we listen well, we strive to inspire confidence, we are patient, tolerant and have empathy towards others.


People who do it right

We want our clients to feel that we are absorbed in our work. That we start strong and finish stronger. That they not only know that we build neat stuff or have cool lighting solutions, but that we are magicians in our craft. By doing things right by the client, they will always know that they hired the A-Team.

Talented and Skilled Icon

Talented and Skilled

We are a combination of both talent and skill. We are resilient, gritty and carry a positive mindset that looks beyond typical requirements. We recognize that our talent and our skills are our reputation. And when all is said, the only thing we really sell is our reputation.

Client Focused Icon

Client Focused

We are patient and flexible. We are empathetic, we want our employees to put themselves in other people’s shoes. We must constantly seek knowledge, be it product or experiences, we want to provide provocative thinking, transformative insights, tangible outcomes, and complete experiences.

Innovative and Adaptive Icon

Innovative and Adaptive

It is never a question of can we do this or that, it is a question how can we do this or that. With our experiences we can provide innovative and adaptive solutions by problem solving, brainstorming and listening to our client’s needs.

Loyal Icon


We know we can rely on each other and our clients can rely on us. We will always accomplish this by continuing to keep our word, by listening, by being honest, by following through and being supportive.

...building on your imagination.

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